Regency Park Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

The following are commonly asked questions about Regency Park senior communities. While they will provide you with some insight into our programs and services, they are meant primarily as a guide. We encourage you to visit our communities: take a tour, attend a meal, observe our activities, and talk to our staff and residents.

Why should I choose a Regency Park senior community?
Regency Park has over 40 years' experience operating senior housing communities.  Its communities are renowned for their high quality of care and service. From independent living to assisted living to memory care, Regency Park can provide the services you desire.

How do I know which type of retirement community is the right one for me?
Our trained professionals work with you to identify the senior community that is the best match for you. Whether you choose active independent living or assisted living or memory care, Regency Park has a community for you.

Are your facilities licensed?
Yes, all of the Regency Park communities that provide assisted living services are duly licensed by the State of California.

What kind of lifestyle can I expect at Regency Park?
Living at a Regency Park senior community is all about choosing the lifestyle you desire. All Regency Park communities offer luxurious amenities and a broad array of services and activities. At Regency Park communities, you can choose the services - and the lifestyle - you want.

Is the rent for my apartment on a month-to-month basis or on a long-term lease?
All Regency Park apartments (except for The Villas by Regency Park) are leased on a month-to-month basis. There is no "buy-in" fee or long-term commitment.

Are the apartments furnished or can I bring my own furniture?
At Regency Park assisted living communities residents can move into a furnished apartment or bring their own furniture. Some residents even mix and match.

What if there's a change in my health and I require additional services?
As your needs change, you can select from a variety of services and care-giving programs. We do a careful assessment - and periodic reassessments - that take into consideration your needs and preferences.  We work with you to deliver the services you need at any given time.

What happens if there's a medical emergency?
All Regency Park communities are located in close proximity to Pasadena's major hospitals, including Huntington Memorial Hospital. Thus, emergency medical personnel can respond immediately to your call.

Does Regency Park permit pets?
Yes, we are very pet-friendly.

How do I find out more about Regency Park?
We invite you to visit any of our communities and talk to our residents, their families, and, if you wish, any of our staff. We can also refer you to medical professionals with whom we work closely.


Frequently asked questions

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