Founders and Partners

Emil Fish, President of Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Emil Fish | President

Emil Fish is a pioneer in the senior housing and healthcare industries. A graduate engineer from the University of Southern California, he has built and operated senior apartments, assisted living communities, and skilled nursing facilities throughout Southern California. Together with his father, Mr. Fish established Regency Park Senior Living in 1968.

Richard Kale, Executive Vice President of Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Richard Kale | Executive Vice President

Richard Kale is chief operating officer of Regency Park's senior living communities. He joined the company following a successful real estate law career spanning more than 20 years, and is now widely regarded as a leader in the assisted living industry. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Yale Law School.

Management Team

Rowena L. Volfango, Corporate Controller at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Rowena L. Volfango
Corporate Controller

  • Rowena brings over 17 years of property management experience and real estate development
  • She joined Regency Park in 2005
  • Rowena oversees all accounting and financial reporting functions
  • Rowena loves to read motivational books that keep her grounded and make her an effective supervisor


Randi Cohen, ​Senior Marketing Director at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Randi Cohen
Senior Marketing Director

  • Randi brings over 15 years of experience in strategic marketing and brand management
  • She loves working in the continually evolving multi platform digital space to promote the Regency Park brand
  • Randi enjoys getting to know the residents in each of the communities and sharing their stories
  • Having a very close relationship with her grandparents while growing up, Randi has always appreciated spending time with seniors

Robert Takiguchi, ​Director of Human Resources at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Robert Takiguchi
Director of Human Resources

  • Bob has worked to attract, develop and retain productive employees for more than 30 years
  • He has spent the past 13 years serving the leadership and workforce of Regency Park striving to build organizational structures and promote increased understanding of the Regency Park corporate values
  • Bob believes that the effective utilization and development of human resources is critical to achieving excellence in any business
  • Bob is an avid golfer and home cook with a collection of handmade chef’s knives

Christina Biscailuz, Purchasing/Property Manager at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Christina Biscailuz
Purchasing/Property Manager

  • Biscailuz brings over 20 years of expertise in purchasing and vendor management
  • She loves to see the residents enjoying the different items that she purchases for their community
  • Christina is dedicated to negotiating the best contracts for all of the company’s purchases ensuring that the money saved goes toward care for the residents
  • Christina is a perfectionist who is great with numbers which is the perfect mix for her job

Joan Tan, Executive Assistant at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Joan Tan
Executive Assistant

  • Jo​an has been with Regency Park for 9 years
  • Starting as an accounting and administrative assistant, she is now an Executive Assistant
  • Joan is hardworking and enjoys taking on new challenges
  • Joan is conscientious and dependable with a strong work ethic

Arianna Corado, Accounts Payable & Payroll Coordinator at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Ariana Corado
Accounts Payable & Payroll Coordinator

  • Ariana brings over 20 years of accounting experience to Regency Park
  • She joined Regency Park in 2005
  • Ariana is responsible for all vendor accounts and employee payroll ensuring that Regency Park residents continue to receive the highest level of service
  • Ariana is detailed oriented and enjoys the challenges that come with her job

Lindsay Peltcher – Administrative Assistant at Regency Park Senior Living, Inc.

Lindsay Befort
Administrative Assistant

  • Lindsay brings over 10 years of experience as an administrative assistant in a corporate setting
  • She is detail oriented and excels at creating an organized office setting
  • Lindsay provides administrative support to the company’s executive vice-president
  • Family is very important to Lindsay who helps care for her elderly parents


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