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At Regency Park Senior Living, our top priority is our residents’ overall well-being.   We accomplish this by creating a healthy and vibrant living environment so as to nourish each resident’s mind, body, and spirit.  


Research has shown that pursuing challenging activities and learning new skills can improve memory function and help sharpen mental abilities. We understand that no two residents are alike and that each resident has his or her own interests and functional capability.   What we try to create for all of our residents is a stimulating and engaging environment.  Whether a resident wants to spend time on the computer, take a class, learn how to paint, cook a favorite dish at our cooking classes, or just enjoy a good game of scrabble, the opportunities to learn new skills and engage in challenging activities at our communities are truly limitless. 


Being physically active is one of the most important steps that seniors can take to maintain their quality of life.  Through our daily fitness classes, supervised by exercise specialists, we help our residents increase muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.  These classes include yoga, tai chi, stretching and light weights. Our daily walking groups allow residents to socialize while increasing endurance, keeping both the body and mind active.    Equally important is a healthy diet, which is provided by our delicious and nutritious cuisine.


Social and spiritual interaction is vital for seniors, so they don’t become isolated.  At Regency Park, we understand the importance of our residents having a spiritual connection in their lives, and we also know that spiritual nourishment comes in many forms.  So, we host or sponsor bible classes, non-denominational religious services, and group therapy sessions where our residents can interact and seek personal and spiritual fulfillment. Having an environment that not only encourages but provides opportunities for spiritual engagement helps our seniors to have a purpose and stay connected to the world around them.

Research continues to show that mental stimulation, physical activity, social and spiritual connections are key components to reducing disease and depression, as well as giving seniors the ability to live happier and healthier lives.

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