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Why Should Seniors Exercise?


It doesn’t matter your age; it’s never too late to get fit. Seniors often believe that they are ‘too old’ to improve balance and increase muscle mass. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

The truth is that once the senior begins to address these issues, they are markedly improved and so is their quality of life. These exercises improve balance, posture, and quality of your walking. Also reduces risk of falling and fear of falls.

Many issues with stability include gait and balance disorders from conditions such as arthritis in the legs and/or feet. However, stabilization exercises will not only build muscle to keep you stronger, but improve balance and gait as well.

Seniors have the ability to promote muscle growth and balance very quickly as long as one is consistent.  Finding something that not only keeps you fit but is also fun and exciting is a good way to make a fitness routine part of your daily habits.

But what prevents a senior from improving this very important area of health?

  • -Fear of falling
  • -Feeling too old
  • -A feeling they are not capable
  • -Pain or weakness

It’s important to know that for every objection, there is a powerful solution.

Some senior facilities offer programs such as Tai Chi or outdoor physical activities that improves fitness and is good for the mind.  There are great programs out there for senior fitness.  Regency Park Senior Living, in Pasadena CA is a senior living community that prioritizes senior fitness and offers a weekly strength + balancing program for their residents.  The program is designed to give greater knowledge of the different muscles we use in our everyday lives and make basic tasks easier by strengthening the primary muscles used for daily living.

What’s your choice of exercise that you'll continue to do throughout your senior years?

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