Learn more about who makes Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, California 'tick'

Meet Our Team​

April Ordiway, Leasing Director at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Lourdes Menchaca
Executive Director

  • Lourdes brings over 10 years of experience in senior living communities
  • Her top priority is ensuring the satisfaction of her residents and their families
  • Lourdes is committed to creating a family like environment between team members and residents
  • Raised by her grandmother, Lourdes has always had a love and deep respect for the elderly

Dana Barcelona-Bonner, leasing director at Regency Park Astoria

Dana Barcelona-Bonner
Leasing Director

  • With a long time presence in the senior living industry, Dana is dedicated to working closely with every family and ensuring the well-being of each of her residents.
  • Having had a strong affinity for seniors since she was young, Dana always spent a lot of time visiting her elderly neighbors, watching television together or helping them with their gardens.
  • Dana treats her residents like they are her own family members, with love, care and the utmost respect.
  • Having cared for her own parents in their later years, she has a great deal of knowledge, empathy and understanding for family members navigating the senior living process.

Brianna Goodlett, Business Services Director at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Brianna Goodlett
Business Services Director

  • Brianna comes to Regency Park with over 5 years of experience in assisted living.
  • She takes great pleasure in being able to help families with any and all billing related questions
  • Brianna loves to taking on new and different challenges in her workplace
  • The very special relationship that Brianna shared with her grandparents led her to working with seniors

Brooke Lamotte, Wellness Director at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Brooke Lamotte
Wellness Director

  • Brooke has been working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse since 2011
  • She brings 5 years of experience in senior living with specialized training in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care
  • Having previously worked as a hospice nurse made Brooke want to provide optimal care for seniors
  • Growing up seeing her mother, a registered nurse and a senior nurse educator, help people, Brooke knew she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a nurse as well.

Jorge Jimenez  - Executive Chef at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Jorge Jimenez
Executive Chef

  • Jorge first started working in the senior living industry when he participated alongside celebrity chefs at a charity event
  • He has been creating culinary delights for the senior living industry since he was 20 years old
  • Jorge has devoted his career to cooking for seniors because he loves bringing them joy through his cooking
  • For Jorge whose father was a chef and whose mother brought the family together through cooking, there is nothing quite like a great family dinner

Matilde Ochoa, Dining Room Manager at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Matilde Ochoa
Dining Room Manager

  • Matilde has been with Regency Park Astoria in dining services for over 18 years
  • She loves providing an exceptional dining experience for the residents and anticipating their needs
  • Matilde takes the time to listen and respond to resident requests
  • Caring for the residents reminds Matilde of the specials times she shared with her grandmother

Leopoldo-Calderon - Maintenance at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Leopoldo “Polo” Calderon
Construction Manager

  • Polo has been with Regency Park since 1987
  • He is a skilled plumber, painter and electrician
  • Polo is great at construction and solving residents needs
  • Polo is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and  two children

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