Learn more about who makes Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, California 'tick'

Meet Our Team​

April Ordiway, Leasing Director at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Lourdes Menchaca
Executive Director

  • Lourdes brings over 10 years of experience in senior living communities
  • Her top priority is ensuring the satisfaction of her residents and their families
  • Lourdes is committed to creating a family like environment between team members and residents
  • Raised by her grandmother, Lourdes has always had a love and deep respect for the elderly

Graciela Vega, Business Office Manager at Regency Park Astoria

Teea Reesley
Leasing Director

  • Teea takes pleasure in getting to know the families of the new moved in residents
  • She is great at establishing relationships within the community
  • Teea enjoys meeting and networking with professionals in the Pasadena community
  • Having a mother with Alzheimer’s, led to Teea working in senior living

Maria Alarcon, Business Services Director at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Maria Alarcon
Business Services Director

  • Maria brings over 15 years of experience in assisted living
  • She is an advocate for both resident and staff needs
  • She enjoys creating a positive work environment
  • Maria enjoys spending time with her young son and family

Rigo Arias, Executive Chef at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Natalie Lupercio
Social Director

  • Natalie joined Regency Park in 2015 and was named employee of the year in 2017
  • Her greatest accomplishment is when she sees her residents living their best lives and enjoying the outings, events and activities she plans for them
  • Having the opportunity to continue to grow in her career at Regency Park is a great source of joy for Natalie
  • Not having the chance to grow up in the same country as her grandparents, Natalie has created a very strong bond with her residents

Matilde Ochoa, Dining Room Manager at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Matilde Ochoa
Dining Room Manager

  • Matilde has been with Regency Park Astoria in dining services for over 18 years
  • She loves providing an exceptional dining experience for the residents and anticipating their needs
  • Matilde takes the time to listen and respond to resident requests
  • Caring for the residents reminds Matilde of the specials times she shared with her grandmother

Leopoldo-Calderon - Maintenance at Regency Park Astoria in Pasadena, CA

Leopoldo “Polo” Calderon
Construction Manager

  • Polo has been with Regency Park since 1987
  • He is a skilled plumber, painter and electrician
  • Polo is great at construction and solving residents needs
  • Polo is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and  two children

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